Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Illegal Immigration

With over 12 million illegal and undocumented people living in our country, it is not good for America’s security and safety. Not to mention, it makes it an easy conduit for terrorists entering our country. There is also a huge cost to our country, with the costs of overpopulation and welfare, medical, and education systems increasing more each day. They are abusing the system and not paying their share of taxes. Our system cannot sustain immigration the way it used to be. It is hurting our economy and affecting our country in a very negative way.

To resolve this issue or at least reduce the number of illegal immigrants, we need to enforce our laws. Every US resident should be documented and accounted for, and then deport the illegal aliens. The employers who hire illegals should also be fined. By eliminating illegal immigration, it would help the job market and lower the crime rate. They need to follow the legal process in order to become a citizen here.


George Kraft said...

Classmate Katie Elliott writes about illegal immigration. She argues that illegal immigration is bad for the security and the economy of the United States, and that we should resolve it by enforcing our laws, deporting illegal immigrants, and fining their employers.

The basic argument is that illegal immigration should be prevented, but it relies too heavily on the assumption that illegal immigrants pose a security risk, and that it's an issue easily solved by government. Why do illegal immigrants pose a security risk? Some elaboration would be helpful here. I suppose the idea is that terrorists can migrate into the United States, but terrorists can just as well be citizens, so I wouldn't call it a particularly strong security risk. The economic standpoint may be a little more valid, although she argues that they increase costs in the medical and education systems. It's not like they don't have to pay for medical help or education -- illegal immigrants work and pay money just like citizens, and there are taxes(sales, income) that aren't really avoidable.

She argues that we should resolve illegal immigration by enforcing laws, deporting illegal immigrants, and fining their employers. The problem with illegal immigrants is that they're... well... illegal. It's not easy to catch them entering the country, it's not easy to find them within our country, and transportation outside the country isn't exactly free. Fighting illegal immigration would not be a cheap easy task. I wouldn't say that illegal immigration is good for us, but it seems to me that the costs of preventing it entirely would be worse than the problems we face.

Mario R. said...

In a classmates’ blog, she talks about the heavy issue with immigration in our country. Over several decades, illegal immigration has dramatically increased and it is only debilitating our economical system more and more every day. Due to immigration, we are faced with the high cost of overpopulation, education, and welfare. As the amount of undocumented or illegal immigrants increases, our resources become dispersed among a larger population, leaving the tax expenses uncovered by the appropriate users. She states some very valuable points on the growing issue with immigration, and how more citizens should be concerned with the gravity of its affects. However, I would have suggested she would have been a just a little bit more thorough with the proposition to deport all illegal aliens, at least through my perspective. I like to believe that people look up to this nation for the endless opportunities of success that are available through freedom and rights, and while those rights should be earned; we must realize that some people make sacrifices just by coming here, legally or illegally. The necessity to deport as a first resort to solve the issue should be disregarded simply because this matter can be solved in a way to benefit both parties. Overall, my classmate made some pretty strong pointers an arguments on the way illegal immigration is and should be approached, nice job.