Friday, December 11, 2009

Gay Marriage

In a classmates blog she writes about gay marriages in the US. She feels that gays should have equal rights as heterosexuals and that gay marriage should be legalized nationwide.

She argues defending gay marriage and backs up her argument by responding to three major questions. Firstly, answering the question, "Should gays be allowed to be married?" with "Why not?" The second question addresses how gay marriage is forbidden in the Bible. She doesn't address this question specifically. Thirdly, she answers the question about gay people and their inability to procreate, by saying that "men are created equal" and these thoughts are uneducated.

Finally, she goes into detail about how being gay is biological and certainly not a choice. She even quotes a NY Times article about the nerve fibers in the brain. She ends with a long defense of how being gay is genetic and they are being treated unfairly and in the future, we will recognize our mistakes.

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